Here are just a few ways you can organize your page. You can stay simple with five links, or have over a hundred in a nice layout.

Example 1

example 1 thumbnail Example 1 is just a simple row of links under the search, with no categories.

Example 2

example 2 thumbnail Example 2 is like Example 1, but the links are all in a new row so it forms a single column.

Example 3

example 3 thumbnail Example 3 has many links arranged into categories. It shows a large and diverse homepage.

Example 4

example 4 thumbnail Example 4 shows a homepage with many links and categories that were all added by making a new row, which creates the two columns.


If you just want to play around to see how it works, the user "sandbox" is made just for that. The password is "pass". Have at it.
Warning: everyone can change it so it could get ugly :)

Make yours now