Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use my homepage from any computer or smartphone with internet?

  1. Go to ngumbi.com
  2. Type in your Ngumbi username and hit Enter

How's that for easy and fast? Set it as your homepage to use it often. Save it as a bookmark in your smartphone's web browser. Use it for quick access to your links if you're at someone else's computer. You get the idea, use it how you want.

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What the heck is ngumbi?

Ngumbi is the Chichewa word for flying termites found in Africa that sometimes make a tasty fried snack. For more information go here. This site isn't related to real ngumbi at all but I suppose you could make a stretch and say that like the ngumbi insect, this web site flies light and... is tasty. I hope no ngumbi fans are offended. I got the idea from a friend in Malawi and one of the biggest reasons for the name is that it wasn't taken! Also, it's one word and short so it's easy to recognize and remember. It could have been more self-explanatory, like mylaunchpad.com, but I guess the sitter who owned that domain didn't like my offer. I don't know why.

(actual email text)
me: how much you want for it?
ross: We will consider all offers.
me: $25
ross: Thanks but no thanks.

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How do I change the number of columns?

Currently you can only have one or two columns. An option to change the number of columns is definitely on the list of features to add. Stay tuned.

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Is this site affiliated with Google or Yahoo?

No. Google, Yahoo!, and others make their search feature available for people and businesses to put on their websites for free (because it makes money).

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What privacy does Ngumbi offer?

Not much if any. For ease of use, a password is not required to access your homepage so anyone could type in your name if they knew it and see your links. We don't ask for any personal information, not even email, so you don't really risk anything besides someone seeing what links are on your page. Boo hoo.

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